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Who is Meysam Eddie, the Fastest Rapper in Istanbul?

Meysam Eddie is an Iranian Actor and rapper with a wide audience. He has been living in Istanbul for many years and sees Turkey as a rap music paradise. Meysam Eddie, who has more than 18 thousand followers on his Instagram account, attracts the attention of all rap music lovers, especially the Z generation, with his rap music and personality. The young artist of rap music, Meysam Eddie, who entered the playlists in the first place after each rap album he released, continues to convey his love of rap to the masses. Meysam Eddie is one of the most listened rappers with original and quality rap music.

The Life of Meysam Eddie, The Most Styled and Popular Rap Music School

Meysam Eddie was born on September 21, 1990 in Iran and released his first rap music song at the age of 17. Meysam Eddie studied performing arts at Portland Actors Conservatory to improve his musical talent. Meysam Eddie continued his acting career for a while. However, rap music, which he is passionate about, is a part of his life. His first rap music started in 2008 with a group called Shiraz Shargh, but then he left this group and continued to work as a soloist. After taking a break from his Rap music career for 5 years in Turkey, he has now started to perform the art of Rap again.

Meysam Eddie songs, which are on the most listened music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Yotube, appeal to a popular Rap music audience. Meysam Eddie, who swept the charts with isr rap songs when rap music started to become a hit in Turkey, continues his rap music journey quickly from where she left off. Meysam Eddie has more than 18 thousand followers on his Instagram account and a large number of fan groups opened on his behalf. Meysam Eddie, who adds a marginal and Freestyle air to rap music with his style, has the title of the fastest rapper in Istanbul.

Popular Meysam Eddie Rap Songs

  • khab

  • mafia

  • sundis

  • Khastam

  • Az Shiraz Ta Istanbul

  • Man Hamanam

  • jigh

  • chameleon